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    You are not wrong. Luo Fei saw that both of them were holding weapons, and he stepped back slightly to take a defensive way: One-on-three is difficult for any player, especially if you have perfect quality weapons in hand. My teammate's performance has surpassed me just now. Expected of him!

    The instructor of the National Pavilion nodded and said: Nazca Death will chase you to the ends of the world, even if you return to your country.

    I understand! Du Yi closed his eyes, and at that moment a soft light radiated from his whole body, turning into a few spots of light, and then quietly penetrated into his body.

    The last national team and the defending champion United States, runner-up England, and semi-final Germany were all in the same group. They were simply invincible death teams and were directly eliminated.

    Sure enough. . . Shenmujing represents plants, which can also be linked to that small town. . . What is that small town, and why can it have its teleportation portals all over the world?


    The tongue was slapped against Du Yi, and he got into the saliva bubbles of Tyrannosaurus Rex, then the Tyrannosaurus roared and swallowed Du Yi one after another.



    The magic god is on top, is there a way for the banana mage to rescue the dragon fruit mage now? Astonishing, an old voice of vicissitudes came from the boy's mouth.


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